How to make a homemade bong

How to make a homemade bong ?




Follow these instructions for making a bong using a empty bottle.


Step 1. Empty a water bottle for 3/4 and keep 1/4 in there.

Step 2. Throw away the lid, You don’t need it.

Step 3. Tear of a small piece of aluminum foil about 3 inches by 3 inches ( 6x6cm)

Step 4. Wrap the edges of the foil around the top of the open bottle. (Press in the middle of the top so the foil looks like a bowl).

Step 5. Poke 6 to 8 holes in the foil bowl with a toothpick or a needle.

Step 6. Poke another hole but this one in the bottle, Where to label use to be. This hole should be a little bigger so we can use it to inhale true. (You can also put a pen shaft in there)

Step 7. Fill up the aluminium foil bowl on the top of the bottle and light it up.


Enjoy !

homemade bong

It ain’t a super bong but it helps when you are out of papers.


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